January 20, 2019
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Sports are inseparable from human life. There are so many popular ground sports like football, cricket, baseball, hockey etcetera. However, during holiday season, sea beaches become a meeting place of the people around the world. Most of them makes crowd in the beautiful beaches. But during this leisure period people don’t want to stay lazy and this is why water sports are also becoming popular day by day. Here we have created a list of 10 best sea beach sports around the world that you would love to participate whenever you go to the beaches.

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Most Popular Sea Sports Around The World

01. Surfing

It is one the most common and popular water sports that you’ll see in maximum beaches. Surfing is a surface water sport in which the surfer moves forward with the help of moving waves. Surfers mainly start from a little bit away from the shore and with moving waves they gradually come close to the shore. It was initially found in the ocean but now it is also available in large lake and river too.

02. Sea Kayaking

In recent years sea kayaking has also become famous for its demand. It is also known as touring kayak, which is mainly developed for running in the water under open sky like beaches, lakes and bays. Kayak is basically a small boat with covered deck. One or two people can operate it with paddle.

03. Scuba Diving

It is one of the most adventurous and thrilling water sports as you’ll be able to experience the lives under the ocean. You’ll see everything from a little goldfish to charming big fishes. In scuba diving, divers wear mask and often carry a self-contained breathing cylinder on their back that supplies oxygen to them.

04. Snorkeling

Snorkeling a popular under water sports in which a person wears diving mask, a breathing tube called snorkel and swim fins. It is usually a practice of swimming under the water. Through snorkeling you’ll be able to experience the world under water for a long of period of time, as the tube will supply breathing facility.

05. Parasailing

Parasailing is basically that kinda sport in which you’ll be strapped into a parachute and winched up into the air about 90 meters above from the water surface. But interestingly your feet will not touch the water even for a single time. Parasailing is really very much exciting and also suitable for all ages and people. But if you are a weak hearted person then stay away from it. The reason is, when you’ll float in the air you’ll have a feeling like you have drunk under the hot sun and not hydrated properly. It is familiar as bad hangover among the friends and family.

06. Jet Skiing

When you are planning for a beach vacation the first image of sea sport will come to your mind is jet skiing. It is such a wonderful experience and the people will not realize it until they feel it. It is such an experience where you are on a jet ride above the water surface under the hot sun and breeze is blowing your hair at a speed of up to 45 mile per hour!

07. Fly Boarding

Fly boarding is another exciting and thrilling water sport where fly board is connected to a watercraft. The there will be a pair of boots in your feet with jet nozzles underneath. Then water will be forced under pressure, which will allow you to fly above 15 m high. Some fly boarding also allows going under water about 3 m down.

08. Wind Surfing

Wind surfing is another common water sport and in Peninsula you’ll be able to see it between December and June. Wind of this time is best for surfing. Before going on holidays you can also take advise from agency that where the wind surfing will be the best and in which season.




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