January 20, 2019
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Bonfire on The Beach

Are you on a beach vacation with your friends or family but didn’t make a bonfire yet? Then your vacation is incomplete because a bonfire can make a perfect conclusion to your perfect summer holidays. Sitting closely with your family members or friends, gossiping, singing with an acoustic guitar is really great. And it’s probably the most common scene we found in most of the movies. So, making a bonfire on the seashore is another lovely experience of your vacation. But before making you must know how to make a bonfire easily, right? That’s why we’re here today. In this article you’re gonna find step by step process of making a fire on the beach.

Step-1: Do some research

However, this is the first step you need to complete before going on the vacation spot. Are you thinking how? Well, all the beaches don’t give permission to make a fire on the shore. So, if you are planning to do something like it then first you need to find out the list of those beaches where you’ll get permission to make fires. That’s why at first do some research on different beaches on the area where you are planning to go.

Step-2: Pick a good spot

Now, when you have on your way to make a fire, you need to pick a good spot like the place is not so much windy and has some rocks there. It’ll help you to complete your task very smoothly. Basically, fire creating is much easy on rocks rather on sands.

Step-3: Collect materials

This is the step when you have selected the perfect spot. Now, you need to collect materials like split logs, tree leaves, straws etc. You can purchase it from any grocery store nearby or can collect from seashores also. Driftwood can also be a good option but it must be the dried ones. It’ll also help to clean up the beaches. But you need to collect thin small pieces and larger ones together.

Step-4: Time to build it

For protecting the fire from wind you need to dig a pit about two feet deep. Again, you can arrange some rocks to make a circle around the pit. It’ll give extra protection from wind. If you can do it properly you’ll be able to get an attractive bonfire as you wanted so long.

Step-5: Fire it on

This is the final step, where you need to put the fire starter directly in the middle. You’ll be able to purchase fire starter from any shops around the beach. And if you don’t find any then you can make it your own using beeswax, sawdust and mineral spirits. However, after putting the fire starter you can use dry grass, newspaper, cardboard etc. as additional things. After getting together all these things you need to light it up with a lighter or match but carefully. For your safety you can first light up a rolled newspaper then light up the bonfire with that rolled newspaper. And now, the fire is ready for your party!


When your party will over douse the fire with water and make sure that you have covered all the ashes under the sand. But don’t make the mistake by keeping hot coals under the sand because it can burn someone else’s feet. So, have fun! Don’t ruin the beauty of the beach and keep people safe.

Happy holidays!




Ruby Kuhn