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A burning sun above your head, glazing sand under your feet and clear blue water in front of your eyes- ah! A feeling of heaven. Everybody loves this scenario more than anything else. That’s why beach vacation is a must for at least once a year. But you make a sudden plan and set out on a journey for visiting sea then you have to suffer a lot.

However, going for a vacation in the sea beaches needs lots of planning like when you’ll go, how you’ll go, what to carry with you, where you’ll stay, how many days to spend, etc. And among all these things “what to carry with you’’ is the most important part. Because once you forget your most essential thing at home then there is no way to come back and get it. So, we are giving you a list of some most essential items you shouldn’t forget when planning for a beach vacation.

Important Things that You Need to Carry for a Beach Vacation

Good Pair of Sunglasses

SunglassesWhen planning for going on a tour to the beaches then sunglass is your best friend. It not only gives protection to your eyes from the sunny weather rather it helps you to see the worlds around you without any obstruction. So, don’t forget to bring a good pair of sunglasses with you.

Cute Swimming Costume

Since you are going to spend holidays in the beaches then swimming in the ocean water is a must. So, make sure that your packaging list includes a cute set of bikini or swim trunks. It’ll not only give you comfort in the sun but also helps you a lot to swim freely in the blue ocean water.

A Colorful Towel

When you are planning to swim in the ocean water then towel is a very essential thing. Though you’ll find towels in the hotel you are going to stay but sometimes it may not allow taking it outside. So, it’s always better to carry your own towel instead so that you don’t face any difficulties.

An Underwater Action Camera

Image source: digitaltrends.com

You are going to enjoy a lot with scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing but how will it be if you don’t be able to make any memories? So, besides your DSLR don’t forget to take an action camera with you that suit well in the underwater. It’ll help a lot to take all your memories with you.

Sunscreen is a Must

If you are going to spend a quality time in the beach or outside of the hotel then a sunscreen is an obvious item though it’s often forgotten. It’ll protect your skin from the harsh sunny weather particularly from the UV rays. And a sunburn face is enough to ruin your long cherished beach vacation. So, take a sunscreen at least of SPF 30.

A Lightweight Flip Flop

For walking, running, playing and other beach time activities a flip flop is a must carry item but it needs to be lightweight and long lasting also. It’ll save your smooth feet from the hot sea sands. Again, it’ll help you to walk freely here and there in the seashore areas.

Big Round Hat

As sunglass is giving protection to your eyes, a big round hat will give protection to your whole face covering your head. Carrying an umbrella in the beach is difficult because it’ll block your one hand and you’ll not be able to enjoy. So, a big round hat can be a good companion in your beach vacation.

Beach Games or Other Activities

Besides water games, for having more fun you can carry volleyball, pool floats, books, music and other things to spend your time. More importantly if you bring your family or friends then you’ll be able to enjoy beach games a lot since all the people will be unknown to you.

Light Snacks for Little Hunger

Here is another obvious thing you shouldn’t forget when planning for holidays. In the sea beaches you may not be able to find snacks whenever you want it. So, it’s always better to carry your own instead so that little hunger doesn’t ruin your vacation.


Though there are so many things rather the above items to carry yet these are the most essential ones for spending a beach vacation. So, when you are planning for such a holidays don’t forget to include these items in your checklist.

Have a great holiday!

Ruby Kuhn