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Drink is an inseparable thing while walking through the seashore. There are so many popular drinks around the world that you’ll find in the sea beaches. Among them we’ve found out some famous ones to give you a hand. So, check out the list below and find out your favorite one.

Margarita, Mexico

This is a very popular drink in the beaches of Mexico. And when you are on the beach you’ll often see servers are trying to sell a glass, as it is almost free. You may need to pay maximum $2 per glass. It is a combination juice of lime, tequila and triple sec. But you’ll have a great feeling if you order a classic margarita.

Piña Colada, Puerto Rico

It is another familiar beach drink to the tourists. It is a quite sweet drink as it consists of coconut milk/cream, rum and pineapple juice. In the hot sunny days, a Piña Colada is enough to gear up your mind. But if you don’t like sweet drink then you can look for something else.

Mojito, Cuba

The origin of this drink is Cuba. Mojito consists of white rum, lime, mint, soda and sugar. This is a pretty sweet beach drink. However, this is a very strong drink though it’s a beach drink. So, think twice before drinking it.

Mai-Tai, Polynesia

This drink is made with rum, orange juice, lime juice and orgeat syrup. It is called decent drink because after drinking it people often say that they are feeling like they are out of the world. So, you should also try it at least once in your life!

Limoncello, Southern Italy

It is basically popular as a digestive drink after dinner. This drink is made with alcohol, lime and sugar. But you can have it while walking beside stunning seashore. Under the hot sun you’ll have a refreshed mode.

Cuba Libre, Cuba

This is another famous beach drink around the world. This Cuban drink consists of rum, coke, lime juice and ice. It is basically a cocktail. So, if you want something of strong alcoholic taste then you can drink it without any doubt.

Gin and Tonic, India

It is a combination of gin, tonic, lime and ice. The taste is really good so if you ever go to India then must visit Goa sea beach and watch the sunset while having this drink.

Finally, we have reached to the conclusion. Hopefully you have got enough idea for today. These drinks are popular all over the world and you may have tasted or heard the names of these. However, if you are planning for a vacation then these names will help you a lot while you’ll wander around the seashore. So, just keep them in mind and don’t forget to taste them!

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Ruby Kuhn